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Creative Wallpapers For Home. With the wallpaper can change rapidly impression in the room. However, it is necessary to know the knowledge about the types and varieties of wallpaper. Let us discuss about what and how the wallpaper for your home?

Creative Wallpapers
Types of Wallpapers For Home

  • Paper : Wallpaper is entirely made ​​of paper is the first of its kind ever discovered. Because it is made of paper, it’s no wonder this wallpaper easily torn, especially during installation. Wallpaper made ​​of paper, usually easy to get dirty and easily damaged during cleaning. Its use is most appropriate for the space with low activity, such as bedrooms. While the advantages of this type, the quality of detail and variation patterns.
  • Heavy duty paper : This type of wallpaper are strong, heavy duty paper developed since XIX century. According to the history of the name Heavy duty paper was originally Lincrusta and Anaglypta. Currently, Anaglypta still produced. A characteristic of this type is thick, has a layer of linen on the back, and is made of a mixture of wood pulp and cotton. This type of pattern can be raised (embossed). The advantage of wallpaper types of Heavy duty paper is washable and can also be painted directly. So you do not need to replace with new wallpaper.
  • Fiberglass weaves : Type of wallpaper is made of fiberglass fibers that are woven or plaited so that a sheet of wallpaper in general. The other advantage of this wallpaper fireproof does not rot or mildew, and durable. Because these privileges, wallpaper is suitable applied in humid areas.
  • Vinyl paper : This is the most common type of wallpaper used. In addition to the living room, bedroom, den and dining room, the material is safe for the bathroom and kitchen. This species is not easily broken, not easy to damp or in other words dependable durability.
  • Textile paper : Such as textiles or fabrics, wallpapers in this category has a range of colors, patterns, textures and types of materials that are numerous, such as cotton, linen, woven synthetic material, silk, and even burlap and natural fibers. For textile paper of very fine cloth, mounting pad of paper covered with special needs and should be performed by experienced experts.
  • Flock : Type of wallpaper is available in two options, namely flocked on paper and flocked on textile. Section called flock made ​​of wool fibers, which can cause effects on the surface velvet wallpaper. Flock much preferred because they have a combination of Victoria style, retro at the same time contemporary. Impression of velvet makes this type of wallpaper varies, depending on the lighting and the direction of view. It’s very suitable to create the impression of elegance as well as luxury.
  • Foils : Foils be the right choice for you who love the shiny effect. The shiny effect is derived from the foil or tin foil used on the surface of this type of wallpaper. Installation foils countless complicated because the paper thin and easily torn. For maximum results, it is advisable to stick it on the wall surface smooth.
  • Natural fibers : This is the kind of wallpaper that is made from natural fibers, such as fiber leaf, bamboo, and coconut. Using this type of wallpaper is a practical solution for those who want to bring a natural touch to the room.

Of the several types of wallpaper for the house I have described above, now you can choose what is right wallpaper to be applied in your house? Below I have included some pictures of the house wallpaper as your ideas experimented. I hope article Creative Wallpapers for Home useful for you.

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