Bathroom Tile Designs Ideas in 2016

Good bathroom tile designs ideas should be clean and balanced, but not too busy. Solid colors are usually the best choice for the walls, with a built in a very limited way pattern. The tile floor can be more complex, but the colors of the floor tiles should harmonize with the wall tiles in all aspects. Will you look at many patterns, colors and textures of tile before creating a design for the room? Help examine the tile work in the homes of friends.

Starts with illuminated tiles

Create light and space. Install light colored tiles on the walls of a tiled shower, for example. You can use a white or light sand color. Add more bright colors or dark colors to accent a section shoulder height as an option. If you install dark tile in the shower, be conducive to mold growth. Place the white tile floor tile light sand colored 4-inch (10 cm) tiles interspersed with 9 inch (22 cm) is a universally attractive. If you want to use dark colored bathroom tile designs ideas, consider placing them around the edge of the floor or on a single wall.

bath tile design ideas

Add dark tiles strategically

The dark tiles on floor work if the bathroom is large. You can install porcelain tile black 9 inches (22 cm) in a bathroom 15 by 20 feet (4.5 by 6 m), for example. The white grout and white bathroom accessories will make the black floor stand. Note that the size of the individual tiles can be higher if the room is bigger. You may use square tiles 12 inches (30 cm) in a contemporary master bathroom that has a significant number of square feet (square meters).

Consider light sources

Balances color tile with natural and artificial light. You can, for example, installing dark tiles on the walls of bathroom tile designs ideas if you plan to incorporate generous lighting. You’ll have to include recessed ceiling lights and sufficient lighting, for example. A large mirror or a large window added more light, if there is space for them. Paint the ceiling white as an option, and adds a sunny apartment to balance the dark walls.

bathroom tile designs ideas

Become art in small spaces

Small bathrooms can accommodate art floor patterns. You may use several small tiles in bright colors on a floor of a small room. The tiles give a look of jewel if you use a mixture of red tiles, purple, dark green and white, for example. Marble tiles in dark green and white arranged in a checkered pattern could be bold for a large bathroom. But in bathroom tile designs ideas, these colors and pattern provide a pleasant visual appeal.

Choose appropriate textures

Use textures tiles that fit the project. You can, for example, use glass tiles in a splash zone above a sink vanity. Modern bathrooms often incorporate recycled glass tiles, which helps balance the ecosystem. The same tiles can be too slippery for a floor surface. Textured tiles or slate tiles burgundy with a brick surface and give you more traction on the ground surface.

Picture Gallery of the Bathroom Tile Designs Ideas in 2016

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